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Central Unified Teachers Association is the CTA unit for Central Unified School District in Fresno, California




These are documents from the California Department of Ed regarding Program Improvement.  These are important documents to become familiar with.


Years 1 and 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 and beyond

Please note that in the introduction section the last paragraph on page three states:

It is also important to note that NCLB includes specific reference to collective bargaining agreements and states that none of the provisions for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring for failure to make adequate yearly progress will reduce the right or remedies of employees under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between employees and employers. Understandably, recommendations that impact the scope of the local collective bargaining agreement shall be  negotiated with the exclusive representative of the classroom teachers.


They cannot arbitrarily fire you, despite what they might threaten.  If you have any questions or have been threatened with "your job" please contact your site rep.




You THINK you know what is going on......the rest of the story:


Got Dough?  How Billionaires Rule our Schools

     Word format


Not Waiting for Superman




US Department of Education

Blueprint for Reauthorization of ESEA (No Child Left Behind) This is the document put out by Arne Nixon, US Dept. of Ed, on Obama's plan to reauthorize NCLB as the Race to the Top.  Read it for yourself!!! Don't depend on others to tell you what it says and does not say.


DAS document for CUSD

This is an interesting document.

This is what the district has to submit to the state as to what steps it is taking to bring the district out of PI status.

When I read it, it helped me understand what was behind what the district is doing.

Take a look for yourself.





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